Apply for Uber Driver

Apply for Uber Driver

If you've been trying to think of an enjoyable way to make money, the Uber driver position may be just what you need. There is a heap of benefits to it, the money can be fantastic, and it doesn't take long to get started. Before you apply for Uber driver, you'll want to make sure that you're a good fit for it, however. Here's some information about the job and how you can apply if you're interested.

Great Reasons to Become Uber Driver

Many people are joining the Uber team every day, and they are loving it. It's a great way to earn extra cash if you need to make ends meet or if you just want to have money in your pocket to have fun. many people drive for Uber to supplement their current jobs, and some people drive for the company full time. The best thing about it is that it is flexible and will bend to your needs no matter what those needs may be.

Benefits of Becoming an Uber Driver

Driving or Uber has many benefits. One of the biggest ones is that you can make your own hours. You don't have to request vacation or ask anyone for a specific day off. If you don't want to work, you don't have to turn on the app. On the other hand, if you have to earn a lot of cash to pay your bills, you can always turn your app on and pick up some business. Another benefit is that you have the opportunity to meet a variety of people every day, and you get to drive to different areas. If you're a person who likes change and variety, then this will be the best job for you. There's plenty of those two elements for you. Many other reasons exist as to why this would be a good venture for you, but you probably get the picture by now.

Requirements and Qualifications for Driving for Uber

To drive for Uber, you will have to meet a few qualifications. Uber is a bit picky about who it lets to drive for the company, but that's because they want to protect their clients. You'd want them to protect you if you were going to get a ride in an Uber vehicle, so it makes perfect sense. Here are some of the basic requirements that you'll need to meet before you can officially drive for uber:


The first requirement you need to meet is the age requirement. You must be 21 years of age or older, and there is no way of getting around that. If you are not 21 years of age or older, you will have to wait until that time before you can drive for Uber.

Clean Driving History

You must have three years of a positive driving history before you can work for Uber. They'll want to know that you have enough experience on the road to keep their customers safe.

Car Paperwork

Along with a valid driver's license, you must also have registration and insurance for your car. The registration and insurance must be in the state that you intend to drive in.The good thing about the registration is that it does not have to be registered in your name. Therefore, it's possible for you to drive someone else's car if your car doesn't qualify as an Uber vehicle. As long as you have permission to do that, you should be just fine.

Car and Phone

Your car must have four doors, and it needs to be newer than 2001. Your phone must be an Android or iPhone, and it has to have the Android 2013 software or the iPhone 4S software at least. If you do not have a phone or a car, there are some things that Uber can do to help you such as loans you a phone and let you pay installments.

Personal Identification

You have to have a social security number. If You don't have one, you'll have to apply for one and receive it before you can apply for Uber. The reason being is that they need to do a check on you. They can't complete a background check without your social security number.

Background Check

As stated before, Uber does an extensive background check. You will have to have a clean criminal background and driving history. In terms of the criminal background, you are clean if you have not had any criminal charges put on you in the past seven years. In terms of driving offenses, you can have any DUI, offenses that involved a lack of insurance or registration or accidents that resulted in a fatality. There is not much leeway in either of these areas. You will most likely have to wait to apply if you haven't made it to the seven-year mark.If you think that you meet all of these requirements, then you can proceed to the next part of the process. It's best that you apply as quickly a possible so that they can give you an answer quickly. You can probably start driving the same day you get the green light as a new hire.

How to Apply for Driving With Uber

What you will need to do to get the process stated is visited Uber and complete an application.The application will ask you series of questions to qualify you and see if you can continue with the process.

When you're done your application, you will have to take your car to one of the designation inspection stations so that your car can be examined to make sure that it's qualified for Ubering. After you do that, you just have to wait for the result of the background check. When they call you and let you know you've passed, you can start working and making ridiculous amounts of cash on the side.