become an uber driver

How You Can Apply to Become an Uber Driver

You can apply for Uber driver if the company operates in your city, and most moderate-to-major sized cities now have Uber branches. You can check if your city has Uber at You can apply online or through your mobile app, but you must meet certain basic requirements that include:


  • Being 21 years of age or older
  • Having at least a year of driving experience
  • Three years of driving experience required for people aged 23 and under
  • Qualifying with liability insurance coverage in your name
  • Possessing a valid driver’s license for the jurisdiction where you plan to work
  • Owing a 4-door vehicle of 2001 vintage or newer (some cities require even later model vehicles)


Of course, you also need a smartphone to use the Uber driver app. You will need at least an iPhone 4 or 2013-model Android device. You can get started by signing up here.

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