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Uber Statistics and Procedure in the United States


With more than 150,000 drivers, Uber has a value of approximately $65 billion and provides services for clients who reside in more than 400 cities. When driving for Uber, an operator will pick up clients within a specific geographic region, create reviews for customers and evaluate a heat map that shows the costs of trips in numerous districts.


Unlike most competing companies, Uber allows operators to drive anytime, and each motorist will not have to complete a specific number of trips. Moreover, the company can opt to charge higher fees if a rider has received numerous negative reviews.


The business will generally provide a coupon code and a bonus for a new operator, yet Uber's existing drivers may not request a bonus. The company also allows operators to create reviews for customers, and clients commonly provide detailed ratings that evaluate the smoothness of the ride, the driver's promptness and the operator's politeness.

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