Promo codes for Uber Platform

How to Get Uber Promo Codes Using the Uber Platform?

When you sign up to ride with Uber platform, you can get your first ride for free when you use an Uber promotion code. These codes are given out to new riders as a way to say "thanks" for riding with Uber. To claim the promo code for Uber, you'll need to sign up for the service. You can sign up to ride using the Uber website or the Uber app on your iPhone or Android device.
Once you create an account, you can start looking for a ride in your area. Enter the promo code into the app or on the website when you book a ride. The promo code is good for a limited time and valid for rides up to the amount offered.

Promotional Code for Uber Existing Users, First Ride & Free Ride

If you've already taken your first ride with Uber platform, you can still score a free ride by using the Free Rides feature in the app. With this feature, you can create your own Uber promo code for existing users and share a link with your friends or other riders online. If they use your Uber promo code for a free ride, you'll receive credits, which will add up and help you get free rides in the future.
Unfortunately, there is no Uber promo code "First Ride" for existing users. Any promo code that Uber announces on its website is always aimed at first riders. However, if you refer a friend to try Uber, you can get a free ride that's worth up to $10 by generating your own promo code within the Uber app on your smartphone.