How Uber Works

How Uber for Drivers Work?

You can sign up for Uber driver and gain the possibility to work a flexible schedule-full-or part-time, during regular 9-to-5 working hours or anytime that you choose. Uber is the ideal work-from-home solution for students, busy caregiver moms, and dads and people who need extra cash for any reason. However, instead of working from your home, you work from your late-model car and provide personal transportation in any city where Uber operates. The Uber app identifies nearby drivers when people request Uber taxi service. The fare is paid by credit card, and you’ll need a credit card or PayPal account, email address and a late-model vehicle to sign up for Uber driver.


As an Uber driver, you work as an independent contractor, so you bear responsibility for paying your tax deposits and filing taxes as a self-employed contractor. It’s your own little business that’s affiliated with Uber. You can build repeat customers who request your service, learn which areas in your city generate the most fares and work your own schedule. Uber started in California in 2009 as a local taxicab company, but the idea was so appealing that it quickly spread to more than 50 countries and thousands of cities around the world.