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Everyone has their reasons for signing up for Uber platform. Some people sign up for driver- partner to earn extra cash for minor purchases during the month. Others sign up to bring in more money for the holidays while some drivers want to be their own boss and have their own schedule. Uber makes it easy to earn money in your spare time by providing rides for passengers in your city. The more rides you give, the more money you'll make.
The driver-partner sign up process takes only a few minutes and requires very little paperwork. In fact, you only need a few forms of documentation to get started. If you have a well-maintained car and the motivation to earn extra money, you should sign up to be a driver with Uber platform in your city right away and bring in more money this year.

How Can You Sign Up to Use Uber?

There's no complicated paperwork or phone calls to make. Simply download the app onto your phone from either the Google Play Store on an Android phone or the App Store on an iPhone. You can sign up for Uber platform by making a new account through Uber's website or on the app itself. If you complete the sign up on the website, be sure to enter the promo code. Otherwise, you will miss out on your free ride.

Once you've signed up and downloaded the app, request a ride. A driver in your vicinity will head your way within a couple of minutes and take you to your destination. When riding with Uber platform, you never have to pay with cash. Every transaction is handled virtually, so you can pay with your card through the app. If you're using a promo code, then your ride is free. After reaching your destination, you can hop out of the car and be on your way.