Car Requirements

Does Your Car Qualify to Drive Using the Uber Platform?

If you want to drive with Uber platform, you need to have a vehicle. According to Uber, you can rent or lease a car in qualifying cities. However, if you have your own vehicle, it needs to pass the car requirements for Uber platform before you can complete the screening and start driving passengers. You'll know right away that your car won't be accepted if the horn or some doors fail to work correctly. If you've taken out a title loan, you won't be able to use that car for Uber platform.
You're creating your own business when you drive with Uber platform. As such, your car is a direct reflection of the service you provide. If the seat belts don't work or the plates are expired, you'll risk your passengers' safety as well as break the law. The vehicle requirements for Uber platform are simple and few but must be met in order to sign up.

Car Requirements For Uber Platform

The vehicle requirements for Uber platform are put in place to ensure the safety of the riders and to create consistency with everyone who drives with Uber platform. You can drive a car, a truck, a minivan or an SUV, but it must have at least five seat belts and four doors. Each door must function properly, including the door handles, the door locks, the windows and the window locks. If your car has any issues with these features, you must repair them before you can drive with Uber platform.

  • No rebuilt titles
  • In-state plates
  • Up-to-date registration and insurance
  • Good interior and exterior condition

Your car may also need to pass a maintenance inspection. In addition, it should also be at least a 2005 model or a newer vehicle unless you live in New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Chicago. For drivers in New York, you must have at least a 2011 model. For Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, it must be a 2007 or newer model car with less than 100,000 miles. For Chicago drivers, you can drive with Uber platform as long as you own a 2001 or newer model vehicle.